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About the UK Online Christian Science Reading Room

The UK Online Christian Science Reading Room exists since 2012 and has been developed in response to people’s increasing search online for a deeper understanding of God, longer lasting health, better relationships and a more practical daily application of the Holy Bible.

This specific page exists to help those looking for answers, to find their local Christian Science Church, Society or Reading Room (bookshop) in the UK. It's great to start your initial search online in the peach of your own home, but when you need someone to talk to in person, why not visit your local Christian Science Reading Room.

This website spirituality4.me is an online resource for information about Christian Science and its teachings in accordance with the Bible and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. You can purchase books, music and other materials published by the Christian Science Publishing Society. You can also find many inspiring resources such as the Daily Lift (Daily 2 minute spiritual inspiration), Lives Lived (videos testimonieis of healings) and blogs written by Christian Science Practitioners (healers).

We regularly live-stream Christian Science talks on topics such as prayer, health, God, spirituality and Jesus Christ here. We also live-stream other events held around the UK, such as concerts, which can also be watched live through the website. 

We continue to develop new ideas and regularly send out newsletters to hundreds of subscribers with updates on UK-wide Christian Science Church activity (click here to go to our contact page if you would like to subscribe). You can also follow us on //twitter.com/@librarianCSORR// or like us on //Facebook.com/csorr//.


Live Streamed Lectures

Watch live streamed talks on healing, spiritual freedom and how turning to God, you can make a positive change in your life by clicking here. You can also re-watch previous talks for a couple of months afterwards via our YouTube channel.

Below is an example of a talk 'Aha Moments that Heal' with Christian Science healer and teacher, Chet Manchester.



This website is provided by the Joint Christian Science Reading Room UK (charity number 1143776) which represents Christian Science branch churches and societies in the United Kingdom.   Read More

Christian Science Reading Rooms Worldwide

There are over 1,300 Christian Science Reading Rooms across the world. Some are situated on High Streets or next to Christian Science Churches or Societies, and some are even pop-up, appearing at a special time or place. These Reading Rooms are maintained by Christian Science branch churches all over the world and are a community resource for inspiration, spirituality and healing. You can find your local reading room by searching here   Directory